What is Yoga?

From finite to Infinite is the journey of everything in this Universe, Yoga can speed up this journey by giving a spiritual content and dimension to all human efforts. Every institution working in the field of human upliftment – religious or secular- should understand the newly emerging- but for us, as old as our spiritual heritage- vision of Reality and adjust and adopt measures to ensure this new dimension in their growth. Scientific research, experimental verification, application in day to day life, etc. Must strengthen the hands of Yoga practitioners so that they can take up the challenges posed by the modern age. This is Vivekananda Kendra’s approach.

In the pages that follow, modern students and masters of Yoga share with us their thoughts and experiences so that we shall make of this wonderful life of ours a great pilgrimage, into something sublime as expressed by Swami Vivekananda.

"Each Soul Potentially divine. The goal Is to manifest this Divinity within by Controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship or psychic control, or philosophy – by one or more or all of these and be free Each soul is. This is the whole of religion.”